Decapitated‘s 2006 album Organic Hallucinosis is a bittersweet one to look back upon. On one hand, it’s a phenomenally good album, but on the other it’s the band’s final album before an accident took the life of drummer Witold “Vitek” Kiełtyka and put vocalist Adrian “Covan” Kowanek in a coma.

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Decapitated said the band never rehearsed any of the material prior to hitting the studio, and that Vitek actually composed the song “Day 69”.

Organic Hallucinosis… It has been 15 years already. Time flies.

“The very first thought about this album is, we have never played even one rehearsal before the studio session. No pre-production, no demo version, we didn’t record ideas of music on any program. I’ve just played riffs at home while my brother Witek was there listening to the riffs all the time.

“I think he imagined the drum parts in his head and then he practiced alone at the rehearsal room. I can’t even imagine to work like that now, but somehow it worked for us while working on OH album.

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“It was also the first and last time when Covan did vocals on Decap album. It wasn’t easy session for him, because we have been looking for a proper vocal sound direction. We did almost whole album and then we went for a European tour. After the tour we back to the studio and we deleted all of the vocal tracks because after the tour his voice was so much better. So we re-recorded all the vocal tracks and that’s the one you can hear on the album.

“Cool thing about the song Day 69. It is Witek’s song composition. He recorded drums and after that I made riffs for this. Organic Hallucinosis definitely brought something new to our style. Very progressive in our career. Hertz studio did an amazing job by giving amazing sound.

“I must also admit than after the album release I received many emails from fans who got pissed off because of that album, they even wrote that they won’t be fans anymore, because they hated this album.

“So that’s my few words about the album. Share some memories about this album with us!”

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Decapitated recently wrapped up writing their new album.

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