It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with Domestic Terror’s debut LP. The cold of winter has fully set in and with the cabin fever of COVID still looming, there is doubtless unrest in plenty of people out there. And since those of us in most of the world can’t get rowdy at some shows, we are gonna have to settle for getting rowdy in the house. Luckily, the goods keep coming and Domestic Terror has a new LP is that is riled up and ready to crush concrete.

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Columbus, OH deathgrinders have been delivering battery for a while now. Domestic Terror plays a mixture of grind that draws heavily from slam, brutal, and death metal. In a way, it is like if beatdown hardcore got addicted to deathgrind but could not stop crowd killing. It has been almost five years since the band’s last release High On Violence. And in that time the violence has only escalated.

To preface this album, the band had this to say about their latest:

“After 4 long years, the Midwest grinding, beatdown death machine returns with a new S/T full-length. In partnership with x7Ax, we are proud to present 8 new tracks of straight up hate fueled death metal.

The writing process for this album started more than 3 years ago. During an unbelievably tumultuous time in our nation. The lyrical content centers around a very real scenario of a deranged and disenfranchised individual who focuses their rage against a political figurehead. With the ever-growing ideological divide in our country, extremists will continue to operate in the shadowy underbelly, seething with vitriol. Just waiting for an opportunity to lash out against those who they feel have wronged them. It only felt right to release this record as a self-titled.”

The context feels appropriate with the result. Domestic Terror starts us off with an intro track that echoes the phrase “domestic terror” as being read through the six o’clock news before the death-dealing starts with “Heavily Sedated.” A heavy, moshy track that focuses its efforts more on beatdown, but has plenty of grind and death metal whipped into it. It is the kind of song one would play to open a pit the hell up. Moving on, “Primitive Interrogation Techquines (P.I.T.)” follows suit that starts out deathgrinding and then gets slamming. The track is just ridiculously heavy and chaotic start to finish.

The brutality continues with “Temple of Lashes” in what is probably the heaviest track on the record. When this thing breaks down towards the end it is unfettered violence in every direction and riffs that slam like a wrecking ball. And though we have been talking a lot of breakdowns and mosh, there are blasts to go around. “Drugged And Abducted” and “American Snuff” can deathgrind with the best of ‘em. The blasts are blazing and almost nonstop as the tracks fly by at battering ram speed.

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Grind, slam, brutal, death, and beatdown rolled up into one, ugly package. If you are feeling stir-crazy or had a craving for some heavy artillery, Domestic Terror has you covered. This album is as brutal and blasting as they come. Good to see Domestic Terror have unleashed themselves on the extreme metal scene once more. Get grinding on this!

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