MetalSucks favorites Cryptodira are back with a brand new song, “A Tendency to Fall,” and an accompanying video and new album announcement to boot.

The Jamie King-produced effort, titled The Angel of History, finds Cryptodira doing what they’ve always done so well, layering lush soundscapes on top of a bed of progressive death metal arrangements with just the right amount of heavy to complement the band’s melodies.

Drummer Matthew Taibi explains of the album:

“Conceptually, this album comes from a place of suspicion towards several trends within postmodern (and contemporary) philosophy. Philosophy has developed an allergy to its driving force–i.e., collective action marching under the banners of liberation and ameliorating oppressed and exploited people. While ‘The Angel of History’ is not explicitly a work of philosophy, it is still intended to criticize these trends, especially their collaboration with individualism. As an ideology today, identity (whether rugged or nihilistic) has us steeped in depression, substance abuse, and suicide. A call for more historical and class-conscious forms of social being is made against the ideology of individualism. On the other hand, there are trends within postmodern thought that have labored to deconstruct this ideology (particularly queer, feminist, and post-colonial theories). So they are given space to update Walter Benjamin’s image of the angel of history into the 21st century.”

The Angel Of History comes out on December 4, via Good Fight Music; pre-order here.

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