Eric Greif, Steve Di Giorgio, Paul Masvidal, and René Miville reminisce about the genre-changing, mandatory-listen that is Death’s Human on its 30th birthday.
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Melbourne alternative rock musician COLD*WORDS has just floored everybody with his new single titled ‘Kill Me, Please.’ Once a member of Left For Wolves COLD*WORDS has been busy recently writing tracks that tackle complex and deep issues such as alienation, depression and anxiety. Recently COLD*WORDS sat down for a chat with HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths […] …Continue Reading

Brisbane based alternative musician Andrew Jay has released one of the most thought provoking songs of this year in the form of Broken Man. Andrew recently sat down and spoke to HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths about the tragic circumstances that inspired the song and what his plans are in future to bring out more music. […] …Continue Reading

Void of Vision have gone through somewhat of a metamorphosis with their latest EP Chronicles 1: Lust, which is due out on October 22. Before you start throwing your hands in the air and demanding reasons as to why, that metamorphosis is a good thing. A positive thing. And does not affect the sonic impact […] …Continue Reading

SIXX:AM have always been a band more the sum of their parts rather than a vehicle for their world renowned bassist Nikki Sixx. Comprised of Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael, SIXX:A.M are a rock band in their own right, relying on the power of their music rather than individual personalities to set their boundaries. […] …Continue Reading

Symphonic metal powerhouse Ad Infinitum didn’t let the rave reviews of their first album get to their heads. Instead the band decided to buckle down almost straightaway and begin work on their new album – Chapter II: Legacy. With the album about to be released through Naplam Records this week HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths sat […] …Continue Reading

The pandemic has been a strange time for Stockhausen & The Amplified Riot. During that time they went from being a three-piece to a solo music project – but also that period they created some of the best music of their careers and that has resulted in the release of their Have We Lost Our […] …Continue Reading

“It was fucking perfect!” That is the way that Suffocation bass-guitarist Derek Boyer sums up the show that has resulted in their Live In north America album which is about to drop through Nuclear Blast Records. The album ends up becoming a fitting farewell to original vocalist Frank Mullen and recently when Boyer sat down […] …Continue Reading

After the success of their most recent album Paradigm – which was their best received album of their career – Swedish melodic rock outfit Eclipse earlier this month released the follow-up Wired. Frontman Erik Martensson joined HEAVY for a chat about the album, starting with the response. “It’s been fantastic,” he beamed. “To be honest […] …Continue Reading

There is nothing more exciting than a musician whose work evolves throughout their career and that is certainly something that has happened with alternative rock musician Wax Mekanix oer the years – as he so nicely put it in his interview with HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths he ‘reserves the right to change’ when it comes […] …Continue Reading