A brand new Aerith single has landed featuring no less than Andy Gillion of the mighty Mors Principum Est! Furthermore, word has it there are plenty more features and much more epic Melodic Death Metal to be had in the future! Equipped with Aborted drummer Ken Bedene, vocalist Aaron Green, and bassist Frank Bedene – […] …Continue Reading

Put on Arrows, the new album by Portland stoner rockers Red Fang, and you might not get the chugs you’re looking for. Sure, opening track “Take It Back” and follower “Unreal Estate” are heavy as hell, […]
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Do you not love heavy metal?!?! Do you not love environmental conservation and the protection of the natural animal world?! If you can relate to any or all of the above, the wickedly evil, sinisterly delicious delights of the Vegan Black Metal Chef may be for you. Brian Manowitz, aka the Vegan Black Metal Chef, has been […]
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In the 90’s, metal broke out of the underground. That decade laid the groundwork for metal in the popular consciousness. 80's thrash mainstays got airtime on television and radio. To the chagrin of many metal fans, this movement attracted the attention of outsiders. People who hadn’t heard Ride The Lightning or The New Order were […]
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Transylvanian Recordings founder James Rauh shares his thoughts on running a booming, ethical DIY label in this exclusive interview.
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Hear the melodic black/death of Aduanten’s debut four-track EP, Sullen Cadence and read an in-depth interview with the McCloskey brothers at the heart of it.
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If there’s one thing metal fans know about Charlie Benante, it’s that he works his ass off. Not only does the drummer play in thrash pioneers Anthrax, he’s also a dedicated artist and designer who […]
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If the last year has reaffirmed anything, it's that human decency is pure optics. The notion of national, corporate, or individual virtue is a veritable Trojan Horse in which greed hides. Conglomerates feign compassion for their consumers while exploiting their workforce. Politicians promised black men and women would be freed from prison for their minor […]
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It can be hard to believe Freddy Lim’s story. In 1995, the Taiwan-born musician started Chthonic, whose sweeping, hard-hitting symphonic black metal incorporated traditional Taiwanese folk music and instruments. The band slowly built a dedicated […]
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If there’s one thing Evile have in spades, it’s determination. After the thrash revival exploded and subsided, many bands shed the trend and tried other sounds, but the Yorkshire quartet soldiered on, making some of […]
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