For nearly four decades German thrash outfit Destruction have held sway with their brutally uncompromising brand of metal. 
Unlike many of their peers who either refuse to or are wary of embracing modern technology, earlier this year Destruction performed a livestream concert, Live Attack, at the legendary Z7 venue in Pratteln (Switzerland). 
That concert is set to be released as a 2 CD + DVD (BluRay) for their fans on August 13, bringing 22 of the bands head snapping hits from over the years to you in your own home. 
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Montreal metalcore outfit Suicide For A King are gearing up to drop their four track EP Corrupted Vision on July 30. 
With a unique sound courtesy of the emo-esque punctuated by harsh and confronting vocals flowing from frontman Jay Rodriguez, Suicide For A King have produced a collection of songs that typifies the direction the band is heading while forcing you to take notice. 
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Decibel speaks with editors Daniel Lukes and Stanimir Panayotov, and designer Jaci Raia, the three people responsible for the new book, Black Metal Rainbows.
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Until 2001, God Forbid were a bit of a myth in East Coast metal and hardcore circles. The band’s 1999 debut LP Reject the Sickness had become a staple for local fans, who loved its […]
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Sydney intergalactic metal warriors Astrodeath are one of those once in a generation bands that sees things unlike any of their peers and goes about their daily music business with a minimum of fuss but maximum rewards. 
After taking the novel approach of releasing their self titled debut album as a downloadable attachment to a comic book, the two members (yes, I said two) – frontman and axe slayer Tim Lancken and drummer Yoshi Hausler backed up what could have been a marketable flash in the pan with a hectic touring schedule that saw the likeable duo traverse the country and slay all before them. 
Seldom do you come across a band with this few members that has the massive musical output generated by Lancken and Hausler, and, to top it all off, the two are just dead set likeable characters. 
Which may explain their focus on aliens and monsters and things that go bump in the night in their music…

After releasing their latest single Invasion, which makes up exactly one half of a split EP with Mountain Wizard Death Cult called Wretched Invasion, the boys now turn their attention to their second album, the appropriately named Astrodeath 2, with Lancken stopping in for a chat about the new song and all that goes with it. 
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Ballarat extreme metal outfit Requiem are readying for the July 30 release of their split EP with Adelaide’s Shatter Brain by unleashing a monster of a single in Cruelty Of Time. 
One of three songs Requiem are contributing to the EP, Cruelty Of Time is a brutal slab of epic proportions guaranteed to rot your ears from the inside out.  
Zacharie Dunks joined HEAVY for a chat about the brutality of Requiem’s new song and how much further they can take it. 

“I think that song – we put out an album in 2018 – so that song we ended up writing after that album,” he recalled.
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London-based rock band Esprit D’Air have released a new, reimagined version of their 2017 song, Guiding Light. Recorded by multi-instrumentalist Kai, Guiding Light was mixed and mastered by Paul Visser at The Recording Studio London and is sung in both English and Japanese.
Kai answered some questions for HEAVY via email so check out the chat below:
HEAVY: You have released a reimagined version of your 2017 hit single Guiding Light.
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There is very little doubt that Broken Earth are rising stars in the Australian metalcore scene. The Sydneysiders first single Dance In The Dark saw them quickly gain radio play and now the band have returned with the deeply personal Somniphobia which has also nicely been added to the airwaves right around this big country of ours.
So just how personal is the track? Well recently the whole band sat down with HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths to chat about where the song came from and what it means to various members of the band.
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Not ones to rest on their laurels, Seether are preparing to release Wasteland – The Purgatory EP which will be available digitally and on CD July 30 and on vinyl October 22 via Fantasy Records. 
The EP comes less than ten months since Seether’s highly successful eighth album Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (If You Want Peace, Prepare For War). 
After the first two singles swept all before them, Seether have elected to release two versions of Wasteland – one the album version, and the other an alternate version, plus three tracks left over from the last recording session.
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In their short history Queensland punk outfit have certainly seen the highs and lows of the music industry. From getting to open for bands like Bodyjar and 28 Days through to seeing the last twelve months become a time of no gigs and band member changeovers it has been a wild ride for the boys that just want to write new music.
Now the boys are just released their brand new album titled Everyday Warrior – an album that explores topics as far and wide as aliens right through to human brainwashing.
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