Songs for the Enamel Queen, Black Sheep Wall’s first album in five years, finally comes out this Friday, February 26. To continue whetting fans’ appetites, the band unleashed a new song, “New Measures of Failure,” via Decibel yesterday, and it’s an absolute ripper.

Their last album, I’m Going to Kill Myself, came out in 2015, and original vocalist Trae Malone split from the group in 2013. Brandon Gillichbauer, who began as the bassist, now fronts the band.

Gillichbauer (Rowsdower, ex-Admiral Angry) offers the following on the sludge lords’ latest, a sprawling 13-minute adventure the topic of which anyone who’s been in a long, turbulent relationship can surely relate to:

“‘New Measures of Failure’ was one of the last songs that I finished writing lyrics for on this new album. The title is derived from a conversation between myself and original vocalist Jeff Ventimiglia regarding our current life situations. ‘New Measures of Failure’ is a reflection on the process of drying-out, the realities of relapsing, and the subsequent sexual desires that come with chasing any form of serotonin. The song was written in part after a long term on-again off-again relationship had gone belly up for the last time and the cathartic release that comes from the desire and acceptance of being loathed by someone who once loved you.”


Stream “New Measures of Failure” below. Songs for the Enamel Queen comes out this Friday, February 26 via Silent Pendulum Records; pre-order here (U.S.) and here (E.U.) as well as here (digital).

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