Baroness has made it very well known that they’ve been working on new music throughout quarantine. Now according to the band’s Instagram, they’ve begun recording that new music and will release it “soon”.

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In a recent interview, vocalist and guitarist John Baizley said Baroness has been working on new material since March and currently has “hours and hours worth of music.”

“As soon as we realized that we weren’t talking about two months, we weren’t talking about six months, twelve months – it’ll likely be in the eighteen-plus realm – as soon as that was apparent to us, we stopped moping about how we weren’t going to tour and we got straight to business. Well, not to business. We got straight to creativity, we got straight to music. For the first time in the history of the band we have weekly meetings to discuss things. We try to give ourselves weekly deadlines to present new ideas and new songs. While everything has been a relative nightmare otherwise, we’ve increased the speed at which we work like, tenfold.

“Since March, all we’ve done is write music. We’ve got hours and hours worth of music that y’know, like, for instance I’ll say ‘hey I wrote a song today.’ That means that I wrote a bunch of parts, and Gina [Gleason, guitarist] wrote a bunch of parts, and Seb [Sebastian Thomson, drummer], Nick [Jost, bassist]… the whole band, we’ve been generating ideas and submitting songs to one another all year long.”

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